Examples of relevant achievements. Patrick

– designed and implemented AG Team, a revolutionary new claims process and service for Motor at AG, still recognised by the brokers as the best claims operation in Belgium (1995-96)

– led the transition of FCI through the turbulent period of the financial crisis, the breakdown of Fortis, the acquisition by the Dutch government and the divestment to Amlin (2008-10)

– designed and implemented a new segmentation and corresponding pricing structure for motor personal lines in 1996-1997 and managed the re-underwriting of this portfolio

– managed a hard re-underwriting of FCI’s motor fleet portfolio in 1999-2000

– managed the analysis of FCI’s property portfolio in 2000 and updated the pricing and underwriting approach

– developed FCI from €400m GWP in 2002 to over €700m in 2009, including the start-up of a branch in Paris.

– explored several potential acquisitions (at FCI and QBE). Successfully defended a larger acquisition to the Fortis Board in 2006.

– managed the divestment of a number of subsidiaries of FCI (2000-2002) as well as the divestment of QBE’s Macedonian business in 2012.

– introduced innovative training sessions for underwriters and claims professionals at FCI, covering statistical reasoning and effective communication

– managed the implementation of the Benelux cross border IT system for FCI between 2000-2002, and the roll-out of AG’s new IT system across all lines of business between 1992 and 1995

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