Focus is on assisting senior management in setting direction, defining priorities and resolving important structural issues.

Diagoras has no standard methodology. Instead, we start from the specific situation of the client. Solutions for each organization depend on its history and culture, its strengths, the expectations of its clients and the market in which it operates.

The approach is based on the following principles:

Focus on impact and alignment

Analytical and pragmatic

Cooperation with a client team

We usually start to identify with the team the true issue(s) and agree on those that need to be addressed. Alternatives are developed and evaluated with the team. We try to build consensus around the direction. Then specific actions are identified and developed into an action plan.

The contribution of the client team is crucial, with our role more that of an orchestrator and coach than that of a solution provider. When we leave, the client should be in a good position to take over the effort and implement the change.

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